Launch your career in the thriving tech field with the Bachelor of Science in Computer Software Technology from the Forbes School of Business & Technology™.

Combining computer programming skills with valuable business knowledge, the degree will teach you how to develop and maintain software systems that behave reliably and efficiently, are affordable to develop and maintain, and satisfy all customer requirements.

You will explore all stages of the software development life cycle, including areas such as requirements gathering, software design patterns, software development, software testing, and software project management.

Build the technical skills to create quality software products and the business knowledge to implement the software effectively.

  • Apply knowledge of mathematics, computing, and scientific methods to system components and process development that meet requirement constraints in the software application domain
  • Employ professionalism, ethics, and social responsibility values related to computer software technology tasks and projects
  • Identify the computer software requirements that meet stakeholders’ specifications and concerns by selecting the appropriate requirements and elicitation techniques
  • Use proven techniques and patterns to design computer software structure before it is implemented
  • Utilize values, skills, and critical thinking throughout computer software engineering decision-making processes
  • Apply established verification and validation techniques with well-defined objectives and targets to ensure that the software technology is meeting its stakeholders’ specifications and deliverables
  • Communicate complex computer software engineering concepts in a multidisciplinary team using a variety of formats
  • Integrate modern computer software technology knowledge, techniques, programming, and management skills to develop and deliver reliable and complex software in a cost-effective manner
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